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  • Production of scientific videos: a work experience in the field of digital cinema and audiovisuals, at the same time linked to the themes and subjects included in regular school curricula, and particularly to science disciplines.

    A class, or more classes, under the guidance of director Vincenzo Stagno, identifies a scientific topic (preferably a difficult one), such as an equation or a mathematical formula and makes a video clip, both entertaining and educational, to be uploaded on Youtube

  • Collaboration with businesses: Math Shows connects students with local enterprises allowing students to have a work experience to put to good use what learned in school. Students could acquire 3 hard skills, presently much needed in the job market : A) problem solving; B) product/process innovation, C) the art of selling.

    This format is conceived in such a way to make the students understand the importance and value of what they learn at school.

  • Develop new products or services: school students learn applied creativity thanks to the “Creativity Detector” of Math Shows. Every invention is then assessed by Ms engineers, taking into consideration originality, functionality, technical and design feasibility and creation of added value.

  • Problems are Gold to be Treasured: Students, guided by an external tutor engineer, single out problems, classify them, analyze the possible causes- with the support of Ichikawa diagram- and finally study technical solutions to prevent them.

  • SportMaths: High school students organize an event for younger schoolmates (11- 13 years old kids) to be held in April or May in a sport club or on school sport facilities. During the event, the middle school kids, grouped in teams, will perform physical and math exercises linked to different sports while the older students will be their sport/math tutors and will acts as referees in the different competitions.



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