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Who we are and how
Math Shows were created

Who we are and how
Math Shows were created

Math Shows (Spettacoli di Matematica) is a no profit Association of engineers and professional actors that was founded in 2009 with the aim of promoting maths, problem solving and applied creativity, to orientate teenagers and educators, through an innovative and interdisciplinary approach.
Math Shows produces shows and other edutainment formats for schools (from primary to high schools) and has received many awards in the fields of creativity and innovation.

The founder is Aldo Reggiani, an engineer and humanist, who has lived and worked as manager in USA, Ireland, Ecuador, India, Singapore, Egypt and in many Italian regions. In particular, he has been Vice president of Crosby Associates Inc. (USA)- the biggest world company in the field of quality management and problem solving - and Plant Manager of Ferrero Ireland. In Ireland he has also conceived and carried out orientation and educational projects for youngsters, successfully merging traditionally divided groups (North/South, Catholics and Protestants). This particular activity was gratified by an official acknowledgement from the Irish Ministry for Education. Additionally, for these educational projects in Ireland, he has been nominated Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

The artistic director is Vincenzo Stango, author, screen writer for television and cinema. He has studied at Università dello Spettacolo di Napoli directed by Carlo Giuffrè, and additionally he attended the academy of Teatro La Scaletta in Rome, where he has studied with some of the most outstanding protagonists of theatre pedagogy on the international scene. He has developed and implemented important projects concerning “coaching” and “shaping”, to support youth at risk or economically disadvantaged youth and promote talent through theatre.


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