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Flipnet and Math Shows present

Student Competition on the occasion of the 5° centenary of Leonardo Da Vinci

On the occasion of the 5° centenary of Leonardo Da Vinci’ death, Flipnet and Math Shows launch a National Competition, starting October 1st and ending March 30th, open to all primary and secondary schools students in Italy.

The commemorative event aims to stimulate children and teenagers to be inspired by the “Leonardo model”, knocking down the wall that separates scientific disciplines from humanities.

Participating students will be involved in the realisation of a short video clip on Leonardo da Vinci. The video clips will participate in a selection process at national level. The winners will take part in the film “A journey with Leonardo” that Math Shows will produce in 2019 for RAI CINEMA.

Duration of the event “LEONARDO is COMING” and planned activities


  • Screening of a scientific film both entertaining and educational (duration 80 minutes): the chosen films are selected according to the grade of the targeted students. All films have been promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) and distributed in over 500 Italian schools since 2016:
  1. Film for primary schools students: The Garden of Numbers;
  2. Film for middle schools students: The Math Game;
  3. Film for high schools students: The Direction of Time;
  • Short introductory lecture on major film techniques (duration 40m); distribution of tasks and materials. The lecture will be given by an educator from Math Shows
  • Realisation of the videoclip on Leonardo da Vinci by the students, subdivided in classes, assisted by a Math Shows educator and by their own teachers

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Participation fee is € 8,00 per student, for a minimum of 120 students (minimum 120)

The direction of time€ 8.00
The garden of numbers€ 8.00
The Math Game€ 8.00


For additional information and for reservations please click the button below or call the indicated telephone number


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