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Book Cinema shows

The school will inform us about the selected Cinema and the preferred date for the showing; we will endow to contact the Cinema and make the reservation.
The participation fee includes all post-film activities but does not include the presence of an educator.

€ 5,00/student for minimum 150 participants

After the film we will make available to every school:

  • Various supporting material to carry out in each class a scientific game for the Kahoot application. The game consists in the ideation and writing by the students of a series of multiple choice questions on one of the scientific themes treated in the films. The activity will be developed following the guidelines of Flipnet, an institution forming teachers and educators on “flipped classroom”, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (dir. 170/2016)*.
  • A special offer for accessing the leading Italian mathematics online platform, Redooc, on which students will find interactive exercises linked to some scenes of the films.
  • A special 30% discount on all licenses purchased for the academic year 2018/19, irrespective of the number of classes.
  • Additionally the participants, will have the possibility to obtain awards and visibility on our web channels, participating to the “Search in the Mathsphere” contest.
  • Every teacher will be supplied with a pdf file with a “kit on how to contrast Math fear” a practical support in managing students anxieties approaching math including worksheets to be used in class.
The school teachers participating in in-class activities with the students will be given a certificate valid for compliance with the training obligation for educational staff (5 hours)



Film for high schools students

In the feature film - created and produced with the support of a young group of authors and set in a High school – some students experience a strong anxiety when facing scientific subjects. The school master summons their young professor: “results are catastrophic, try something to ignite their imagination”. The young professor, after a certain number of unsuccessful tries, imagines a short film to make the kids study (and love) Physics.
Engine started: “Einstein, first. Ciak”. The students fill the shoes of the greatest scientists of the past centuries. Acting as Einstein, Newton, Bernouilli, Faraday, Clausius and sharing their great discoveries, the students learn to love the subject and to bring it in their real life.
“ If today we have airplanes flying into the shy or we go to the moon, if we can use mobile phones to communicate, it is ultimately thanks to those giants” reminds the professor in the film.
“To realise your dreams you should be free, you should go through tough times: invent your own equation, make a synthesis of what you want in your life”.


Film for primary school

The garden of numbers is the story of young boy and his grandmother playing together with a labyrinth, that magically comes to life at each obstacle and casts the kid in an adventure.

How to save one’s skin? How to survive? Which solutions for a safe way out?

Even and odd numbers, additions and subtractions, and others arithmetical operations turn out to be the “weapons” to defend oneself from ambushes.

Grandmother is guiding and the young protagonist faces pirates and monsters thanks to Math. Only through logics and reasoning the child saves himself.


Film for middle schools students

The story is set in a near future, where machines and computers have gained total power over the humans. All men and women are filed, monitored and their life is constantly controlled by a computer.

Leonardo, a young rebel, opposes the situation and is consequently brought to jail; there he starts to tell to the other prisoners and to the prison’ guards the story of the world greatest thinkers from the past.

Euclide, Archimede, Pitagora, Cartesio, Fibonacci come to life in the film, and thanks to their discoveries, highlight the countless relations between art, nature and science. Thanks to the power of the mind, of education, culture and….. mathematics….. Leonardo will finally find his freedom.

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Participation fee is € 5 / student, for a minimum of 150 pupils involved.
For an order of less than 150 tickets or to request the presence of an educator during the film, please contact us at 06 35347304 for an offer.

The direction of time€ 5.00
The garden of numbers€ 5.00
The Math Game€ 5.00


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